Designer Baby Clothes and Organic Baby Clothes – When Smart Meets Fashion


One choice a mother is faced with when buying apparel for her little one is whether to purchase designer baby clothes or organic baby clothing. There are advantages and disadvantages for each, so parents need to decide what is most important to them. However, these days as organic items become more popular and in demand due to the problems with overseas products, it's possible to get designer clothing for babies that is also organic. Until these clothes become more widespread, parents will still have to choose between Calvin Klein, DKNY, or going all natural.

Whether the clothes are for an infant or an adult, this same issue appears. Apparel from a designer label usually looks better, but the consumer can not be sure of where it was made or under what conditions it was manufactured. Organic clothes, on the other hand, do not always look so stylish but a mom or dad will know without a doubt that it's free of any harmful chemicals and that it was made under humane conditions. This obviously shows better when you're wearing your little babe who has sensitive skin. Sometimes cotton crops are sprayed with pesticides, and the dyes used to color them are not good for gentle skin, so there is an advantage to using only natural fiber and dye clothing.

There are many occasions in life, however, that call for formal wear or at least high fashion. At this time, organic simply can not compete in this arena, so baby designer clothing is the only way to go. Whether your little one needs a tuxedo or just some hip jeans and a hoodie, a designer label is definitely going to offer you more choices.