Tips For Green Cleaning At Home

There is no need to use harsh, toxic chemicals, in order to properly clean a house or apartment. Green cleaning products can be used to clean the home. Safely and effectively. Many of these are also quite cost effective. A few may already be in the cabinets.

Using fewer different types of cleaners can make a difference. Most cleaners work for a number of surfaces. This means a different cleaner is not necessarily needed to clean in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Read labels carefully to be sure. Finish using or give away cleaners that are already in the home to avoid wastefulness. When shopping for new cleaners, try to purchase items that are multipurpose.

Vinegar is an extremely cheap and excellent cleaner. It can even be an effective way to remove mold from the home instead of bleach. Mix it with a little warm water and almost anything can be cleaned. If the smell of vinegar is too strong or unpleasant, add a bit of lemon juice to this mixture as well. This is quite a bargain considering the low price of this every day household item. Some may even be inside kitchen cabinets right now.

Baking soda is another low cost cleaner that has a number of uses. It can help reduce odors, such as from the refrigerator. Like vinegar, it can also be used to clean a wide variety of surfaces when it is added to water.

There are also a number of man made cleaners that say they are environmentally friendly. Some of these may be worthwhile. Others may not be a good choice. Read the labels carefully. Look for verified products. Also, read the fine print and be wary of general terms like "green" or "natural" that may or may not mean the product is actually better for the environment.

Avoid antibacterial products all together. According to recent research, these products are not any better at killing germs than regular cleaners. They may also have the harmful effect of creating even strong germs in the future. Save money and stick with baking soda, vinegar, and biodegradable cleaners that do not use antibacterial formulas instead.

Green cleaning products are an excellent way to clean a home both safely and effectively. Most of them also cost quite a bit less. Protect the earth and the overall health of family members and children by switching to environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.