The History of Triple Diamond Energy Pendants

A triple diamond energy pendant has long been a symbol of love and relationships. The three diamonds represent a couple's past, present and future. The pendants are touching reminders of love that can be worn for all occasions.

It's not unusual these days for a woman to buy herself a triple diamond energy pendant. While they've traditionally been given as romantic gifts, the pendant can also represent a woman's strength and history with a gift to herself. As more and more women are their family's main breadwinner, they are not waiting for a loved one to buy them diamond pendant.

History Of The Diamond

Diamonds are traditionally given to signify wealth, prosperity and love, but that was not always the case. Early diamonds were used for their strength instead of their beauty and were used as tools. In China, for instance, diamonds were used for engraving by wealthy families.

That all changed in the 15th century. French dukes began to wear diamonds in jewelry to show off their wealth. A few years later, an Austrian archduke wave a diamond ring to his fiance, which began the current tradition for diamond engagement rings. The demand for diamonds increased which lead to an increase in diamond mining.

Where Diamonds Come From

The earliest diamonds were mined from India, but when the demand increased, the Indian mines soon discharged up. Diamonds were then discovered in Brazil and South Africa. The Brazilian mines were quickly depleted just like the Indian mines. South Africa and India were known as the source of the largest and most famous diamonds in the world. The triple diamond energy pendant uses diamonds from mines located in Australia, Russia, South Africa and China.

Modern Triple Diamond Energy Pendants

Today's triple diamond energy pendants are available in many shapes and colors. The three stones making up the pendant can be cut in brilliant (square), princess (square), heart, pear and emerald shapes, just to name a few. Brilliant cut stones are known as the most beautiful cut diamonds, but any shape can be beautiful as long as it's cut well.

The diamonds in a triple diamond energy pendant can be the same size or sized small to largest down the pendant. The pendants can be made in gold, white gold or platinum. For a unique pendant, look for colored diamonds instead of the traditional white. Colored diamonds are rare and the deeper the color, the more valuable they are. They are available in bright yellow, pink and green. A custom jeweler can help you find the perfect shape and color diamonds for your pendant if you're unable to find exactly what you're looking for in a ready-made piece.

Whether you're looking for a pendant for yourself or a loved one, a diamond pendant is a beautiful way to symbolize your past, present and future. The pendant will become something you can treasure for a lifetime.