Beekeeping Clothing – The Second Line of Defense

Ever since man discovered the glorious taste and all the values, medicinal or otherwise, of honey beekeeping has been a part of man's culture. The only disadvantage is that the bee stings. By learning how to properly handle bees will dramatically reduce the likelihood of being stung but it can not eliminate it. It is therefore necessary to wear beekeeping clothing when handling or observing bees.

Today there is a huge array of suitable protective clothing available so there never is any excuse for not wearing the proper clothes. This is especially important when entertaining guests or children who wish to observe the bees as they will. You no doubt will have been sounding off about the bees and the honey harvest and have wheted their appetite. So you should always be prepared.

The most important item is the hat and veil. There are many styles available from the conventional broad brimmed hat with hanging veil to a 'spaceman' helmet design with visor typically resembling that of the fencer. Veils can be purchased separately for use on your own hat as long as it suitable. There is a range a sizes ranging from children's sizes through to adults. They are available from many suppliers or can be ordered over the internet.

The beekeeping suit also is available in a range of styles and prices from light weight smocks for the occasional visit through to a heavy weight all-in-one suit for the serious beekeeper. Also available are jackets, jackets with hat and veil attached, and the ultimate all-in-one suit with full hat and veil to give full protection.

The last item is gloves ranged from lightweight latex to heavy weight working gloves. Gloves should always be worn by visitors, children and novice beekeepers. As you become more experienced the gloves become optional enabling you to do the work work that is required. (Some beekeepers believe you should be stung a few times to build a resistance to the bee venom) The hands of an adult tend to be a much harder skin and also the stings can be removed quickly and easily reducing the amount of venom injected and the irritation of the sting.

There is a whole variety of quality and prices available so that you the serious beekeeper and the occasional visitors and visiting children can be fitted out to suit your pocket.

Before you start out on a shopping spree you most first consider your needs and your budget. If the clothing is for long term use it will need to be washed frequently to stop the build up of bee sting pheromone. Cheap does not always mean poor quality, inversely pricey all in one suits imitating a space may not the most suitable for your use.