Unique Kitchen Decor with Mosaic Medallions

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Looking for something unusual for your new kitchen or renovation? Consider the practical beauty of handcrafted mosaics for a unique touch. Mosaic medallions set in your backsplash, walls, tabletops or floors offer the beauty of one-of-kind handcrafted works of art, and the practicality of wipe-clean surfaces.

Mosaic medallions come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, patterns and motifs, suitable for almost every kitchen design from sleek ultra-modern to warm classic designs. Mosaics can be made from a variety of material, including marble, slate, glass or combinations of materials. By nature, mosaics are composed of many, many pieces of these material fashioned into unlimited patterns and designs.

Dean Avey of Artisan Mosaics in Toronto points out that, "Our mosaics are created from thousands of tiny hand-cut pieces of marble.

Mosaic medallions or marble carpets offer unique flooring alternatives for kitchens and eating areas. Set in ceramic tile or hardwood flooring, mosaics create the feeling of area rugs in these high traffic areas. As opposed to rugs and mats, mosaics afford homeowners easy clean-up and eliminate tripping hazards. Like an area rug, flooring mosaics can help to delimit space in open concept environments.

Mosaic medallions can also be set in table-tops or breakfast bars, on walls and in frames as practical, unique forms of art for your kitchen and many other areas in the home as well. Whatever the application, mosaics will add a touch of distinction to your decor.

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