Where to Find Affiliate Marketing Resources

Everyone is trying to find the golden road out of their big business job. Getting fired is NOT the desirable choice but it does happen. Goofing off or failure to show up for work triggers the pink slip for most of us. Beware, that's NOT the way to begin your own business career.

As we have mentioned often in the past, it takes money (capital) to run any kind of business plus there's always a RISK factor that scares most of us in a big way. Always, there's the "what if" sign that haunts us, it throws up a "red" flag that stops us in our tracks.

It's reported that up to 90% of all small businesses fail within the first year. Reality is saying there's a 10% chance you'll make it in your own business if it fits the "norm". Such negative odds are not very encouraging when most of us invest family money, often take on debt to began a new business.

Affiliate marketing may take some of the risk away. Buying an existing business with a customer base and an income stream is another option. Buying a franchise from scratch or finding a prior franchise owner who wants to retire or wants to do something else is a good option, too. Which choice is right for YOU and your experiences, your talents? Your risk tolerance and capital may be the deciding factor.

Someone else owns the product or the software and you join up as an affiliate marketer. Hundreds of business owners have started their own business and found success beginning their business as an affiliate marketer. You will be paid a commission for your successful sales. To begin your business as an affiliate marketer, you do not have the cost of discovery or a huge infrastructure expense.

Affiliate marketing does not have an automatic button to push, it does come with some risk and may take a little capital to start your business, however, it can be a profitable venture. If you are a natural sales personality with lots of personal motivation then your own business may be a wise move for you.

Just do not get suckered into a bad deal. Everywhere you look, newspapers, you tube, Internet Marketers with courses and seminars are trying to get your attention, mostly your money with promises of instant wealth. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is, just do not get burned.

Most of us who have been around the block a few times have the T-shirt, been there, done that. The world is loaded with con-artist who will take your hard earned money without remorse. Just because they have the knowledge and ability to do something on the Internet does NOT mean YOU can do it.

Some marketers hire high priced copywriters with the talent and expertise to turn words of persuasion into an avalanche of response from naive, unsuspecting buyers, but there's too often little benefit to the average guy on the street who's trying to build his / her own business.

Rather than simply believing what you hear, step back and do your own research. Use the Google search tools, type in "affiliate marketing" for starters. Usually, you'll find lots of free courses online about almost any subject. Read what you find before spending unnecessary funds. You can do the same for franchising, businesses for sale, etc.

There are magazines and newsletters that are quality resources for affiliate marketing. Newsletters are generally free and contain good, valuable information about particular programs. You "ll learn what others have discovered and many are working in affiliate marketing with some degree of success.