HP CP1215 Printer Review


The HP CP1215 printer is a fast and reliable printer powered by a Motorola processor which works at 264 MHz. It has 16 MB of standard memory which is used for storing print jobs. It has a USB 2.0 port that serves as a connector to the PC (the cable is purchased separately from the printer).

The CP1215 is not a speed printer, but users got more considerate on this part as they got their money's worth through excellent and outstanding graphics.

Having ultra-compact design with dimensions of 10 inches in height, 15.7 inches in width and 17.8 in depth (399 x 453 x 254 mm), this 18.2-kg printer can fit on your computer desktop so you're sure to save space. You may also add digital images to your business documents from a memory card.

There is already a built-in memory card slots so user can now print directly from PictBridge-enabled devices like digital cameras. Sadly, it is not compatible with Mac systems. It only works for Windows 2000 and later products. Minimum requirements: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP Home, XP Professional, Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7: 512 MB RAM, 350 MB hard disk space, CD-ROM drive, available USB port.

HP CP1215 Toner

The tandem of HP ColorSphere toners and HP ImageREt 2400 creates a touch of professionalism in print outputs. One of the CP1215's strengths and probably one of the most important is the quality in producing outstanding, vibrant printouts; vivid images, sharper texts and graphics (600 x 600 dpi for both black and colored printing). Plus, the one-door access found at the front of the printer makes it easier to change the four cartridges once they run out of content. Although cheap and user-friendly, the major disadvantage of owning this HP product is the expensiveness of toner replacements. The cost of a complete set of toner cartridges is twice the price of the whole CP1215 itself. The printer also has a high ink consumable which only adds to the dilemma of its users.

Paper / Medium

The HP CP1215 printer can print on an A4 size paper up to 12 pages per minute (black) or up to 8 pages per minute (color) using HP's In-line color laser printing technology. And with Instant-on technology, the printer uses a more efficient fusing to produce the first page of a job quicker (coming from low power mode). In black, it can finish first page as fast as 25.5 seconds, while in color, it can be as fast as 31.5 seconds.