What Causes Bags Under Eyes? 3 Major Reasons For Bags Under Eyes


Bags Under Eyes are usually seen as an extra burdens in our eyes. These makes the face look unattractive. Bags Under Eyes are very common problems but can be much frustrating at times. Whenever we look into our mirror and see them, we feel disappointed, as we unfortunately want to look fresh in the morning. There are various reasons for its causes.

Here are the 3 major reasons for Bags Under Eyes

Sleep : If you are stripped from a good regular sleep or your sleep cycle is disturbed then the appearance of under eye bags can be regular. Most people wake up with them after a late night party. They are also caused due to excess alcohol consumption. Irregular eating habits, smoking and stress can affect your slumber and results in Bags Under Eyes. Taking a balanced diet can prevent them. Drinking lots of water is equally important to reduce these Bags Under Eyes. You should completely avoid excessive consumption of alcohol because they interrupt your sleep cycles. So a sound sleep can be the best option to get rid off Under Eye Bags.

Stress : Fast paced life; soaring competition and junk food provide you enough stress for your body to resist. High stress level defines the appearance of these bags. Due to stress, most people take refuge of alcohol and drugs. All these factors disturb your sleep cycle and cause them to appear. In order to remain healthy, we should try to stay stress free.

Genetic : Sometimes they are hereditary problems, which can be easily tapped by taking requisite care. We can also treat them by using natural remedies. Rosewater and cucumber can be extremely beneficial for removing those burdens from you eyes.