How to Varial Flip – Learn How to Varial Flip in 7 Easy Steps!


A varial flip or varial kickflip is a combination between a kickflip and a shuvit and is a smooth looking flip trick. Learning how to varial flip is not hard; some skaters even learn how to varial flip before learning kickflips! Before learning how to varial flip, make sure you can pop shuv it. Knowing how to kickflips can help too.

How to Varial Flip:

1. To set up for the varial flip, place you're the middle of your back foot on center the tail, with your toes hanging off a little. Place your front foot similar to the kickflip, with your toes slightly more angled.

2. Bend your knees as you prepare to pop up

3. Pop the tail and give a little backside shove. Do not scoop all the way as you would for the 360 ​​flip- just a gentle drag.

4. With your front foot, you want to kick it off to the corner, where the board starts to curve up. You want to flick you ankle as you would for the kickflip, but at the same time give a little "shove" to help it spin in the backside direction.

5. At the same time, jump up and lift your back foot and suck up your legs to give the board room to spin.

6. Once the board has spun 180 degrees and has flipped once, stomp on the bolts to stop it from spinning.

7. Once you have caught the board, you want to bend you knees to absorb the impact. Ride away smoothly.

How to Varial Flip Tips:

1. When you first learn varial flips, you'll notice that the board will tend to shoot out away from you. To make up for this, you might want to jump with it in order to stay over it as it spins.

That's it! With these trick tips and dedication, you'll be varial flipping in no time!