How to Get the Exact Size of Your Kids' Shoes

The right size of shoes is quite important for kids' healthy growing. It seems like the size need to be changed into bigger one, that they need new shoes every month. So, it is necessary for you parents to know how to size your kids' shoes.

There are many ways of sizing, you can use the tradition slide tool or find an online measuring tool. Choose anyone that is familiar to you. Here we just traduce one of these methods.

Draw a straight line longer than the child's foot on a piece of paper. Then you need to have your kids stand on the line with their heels and longest toes centered on the line. For smaller children, you can hold the paper up to their foot.

Make a mark on the line form kids' tip of the toe and the back of the heel. Both feet should be measured for most people have feet with slightly different sizes.

It is not complete after you get the right size of your kid. The next thing you need to do is to make clear the different sizes of different types of shoes. That's also a part of process in sizing kids' shoes. Try on several different shoes and to make notes. Those difficult to get on or too loose to keep on the feet are all not suitable for your kids.

Gab the heel of the shoes and hold it to the floor. Ask your kids to take a step. If their heels slip a lot in the heel cup, the shoes are too big.

Ask your kids to have a walk to see if I they are comfortable, those makes your kids feel hurt or too big to wear for walk are all in the right size. Too much room may cause your child to trip and fall, but too tight will cause hurt after walking for some time.

After all of these works, there is still one thing you should notice that different shoes made from different materials should be in different sizes. For example, those made from animals' skins should be perfectly fitted but not a size or half size larger; because they will be a little larger after promised for some time.