Web Designing: Is Virtual Reality the Future?

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With Virtual Reality penetrating every aspect of our digital experience – be it gaming or smartphones- it is now time to gauge its scope in web designing. As someone at the helm of a web designing company you’re perhaps busy estimating possibilities. Is VR at all possible in web designing? Is VR the future of web designing? We will explore all that and more-right here!

What will VR websites be like?

You know that a regular 2D website in order to convert into VR, needs to offer users a more immersive and interactive website. If regular videos made for one of the most obvious avenues of immersive experience, VR is going to take on from here. So, if today you’re visiting a website to find out about Egyptian pyramids, today you might as well expect to take a virtual tour of the Egyptian pyramids while seeking information about them.

Taking the 3D perspective in view, you might as well be able to try out a dress that you’re searching on an online store. What more? VR will also empower you to create multiple versions of the same dress and try them out at the same time.

Your immersive experience goes several notches higher when you’re actually checking out the website of a car dealer. Thanks to the integration of Virtual Reality, you can actually go on to test-drive your car, select options and tweak the seating position as per your liking (if at all you need to do that).

Is Web VR the future?

With some of the biggest names – including Sony, Facebook and Google investing in VR, the stakes are actually running high. A credentialed web designing company, once assigned a project will definitely consider the possibility of integrating VR elements in your website.

There are, however, a few experts who believe that Web VR is not going to be a reality – at least not in the nearest future. It’s amazing to think about the potential of trying out dresses in Amazon or test-driving cars, but the technology is not “woven” together through hyperlinks like websites in their current form are.

So, keeping the aforementioned points in view, it can well be opined that though the potential of web VR is huge, we still have to wait some time till it goes big. 2017 may just not be the year. It is very important on your end to educate yourself more about the nuances of Web VR.

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