Article Marketing and the Art of Persuasion

Are you someone just starting out in article marketing? Maybe you are looking for points and tips on writing a better article? Either way, when you begin to understand that writing a good article is more of an art form than something that can be put into a cookie cutter mold. An article can not be put into a basic template, that you fill up like some strange-looking crossword puzzle. You are writing articles about your product for people with real problems, real pain, real needs. They are looking for answers, and with this article you will discover the connection between good articles used in marketing and the art of persuasion and you have the answer to their problem.

Most start out at the beginning writing articles not really thinking about their target audience. When you realize the typical person surfing the web is simply looking for information. Those grazers are not the person you target with your article, those are simply browsing. You're writing for those who, late at night, are looking for answers. Maybe they have a newborn that just will not sleep through the night. Or maybe they just bought a new puppy, and it's messed on the floor AGAIN. Maybe they have tried to lose weight for years and years. They could have back pain and are just looking for some relief.

They are who you should be writing an article for, and when they find your article either in a directory or your blog, are you beating them over the head with its features or are you gently persuading them your product's benefits?

Even those persistently searching for an answer to their problem have short attention spans. That is, unless you grab their attention! Persuade them that "your" article has the answer, use an attention grabbing headline. If they have a new puppy who keeps messing on the rug, your headline could grab their attention with a bold declaration "Never Clean Up After Spot Again".

Customers want secrets, answers to their problems, how to improve their lives. They want stuff done yesterday, they want their lawn mowed quickly, their skin problems gone in 7 days. In other words, your article must persuade them that you or your product has the answer to "their" problem.

Speak to them in their voice, put yourself in their shoes, let them know you have felt the way they do. You had the same problem they had, you spent time looking for the answer. And you found the answer. And now you will reveal to them what you found. Speaking to your reader in their own voice, empathizing with them, but showing them that you found the answer.

When your reader sees that you have been where they are, you both begin to walk together through your article, like a laser you are targeting the answer to their problem. Here is a key to keep in mind, people respond to people, and not a products – never forget that fact. Article marketing is nothing more than the art of persuasion, you are simply taking your reader by the hand and leading them to the answer to their problem.