The Best Washing Machines – Front-Loading and Top-Loading for the Home

Everybody who has lived without an in-home washing machine knows what a wonderful luxury owning a washer is. If you are ready to invest your hard-earned cash in one but don’t know where to start, this article is here to help. For starters, you’ll have to figure out whether to invest in a top-loading washing machine or a front-loading washing machine. Typically, front loaders offer better overall washing performance and consume less energy, detergent, and water. On the other hand, top loaders are generally much cheaper and offer quicker wash cycles. There are quality products in both families, but these are the two models that stand out above the rest.

Best Front-Loading Washer

The best front loader on the market is Samsung’s High-Efficiency Steam Front Load Washer WF520. The top-grade machine washes loads thoroughly and quickly without using an excessive amount of water or power compared to other front loaders. It can handle large loads, as it boasts a washing tub with five cubic feet of capacity. The machine also runs faster cycles than Samsung’s previous models, thanks to its new PowerFoam technology. Though this Samsung runs shorter cycles than ever before, its newfound speed doesn’t compromise washing performance, as it still features the company’s tried and tested stream washing system. The only real drawback is its price tag, which generally hovers around $1500, but those who are willing to shell out the cash will be the owners of a top-quality washing machine that is efficient and offers thorough washing quality.

Best Top-Loading Washer

The Whirlpool Cabrio WTW7300XW Washer is the best front loader on the market, due to its impressive combination of excellent efficiency, capacity, overall washing ability, and price. It earned a Tier III Energy Rating from the Consortium for Energy Efficiency, which is best of the best. Like the Samsung, it features a tub with five cubic feet of capacity, and it also comes with a vibration-reducing direct-drive spin system. Its washing ability has received mostly excellent reviews from consumers, and at around $700, it offers incredible value for money, which all shoppers can appreciate.