Videos and Video Marketing Online – The Many Benefits

How can you use videos and video marketing online? What are the benefits of incorporating it in your business and web strategy? Learn more about using videos and video marketing online to get started.

A recent statistical claimed that over 50% of on line traffic is through video. YouTube videos account for a whooping 12% of all web traffic. The fact is you need to add some component of video to your marketing plan to get the best results possible-it's that simple.

You do not have to spend a lot of money to make the switch to video. You can get a decent recording with any camcorder these days. You may need to learn a little about lighting and background and of course using the camera itself-but really, that's it.

You can get video ideas and templates from other marketer's on line. You want to explain all the wonderful aspects of your products on your video. Explain what your product or service can do for the customer. It is also popular to get video testimonials from satisfied consumers.

There are web sites and ebooks out there to explain exactly how to tape video. Video marketing is as essential tool. YouTube Videos have limits from 3 to 10 minutes. You can send your video to dozens of websites at the same time.

First you will have to get an account with a site but they do the rest of the uploading. There are many web video sites out their like, just to name a few.

Your uploaded video can be ranked on Google within a half an hour. Marketing video work by engaging people with good information and leave them with your web address across the screen (and wanting to visit to learn more). You can even promote affiliate products on videos and send them to your link.

It has been proven if you use a good video along with some great content and / or writing, it really can attract more traffic to your site. The conversion rate will increase drastically in many cases. The conversion rate is the percentage of traffic that goes to the affiliate links and buys something.

Your SEO Video Title should be the same as your YouTube Title. Do not forget that YouTube is the third top visited web site out there. Instructional videos on products are also a good marketing strategy. Show how your tools, information, or whatever your product is … works!

Since YouTube gets millions of visitors a day the visitor can get the copy of your video and publish it somewhere else on your blog or website potentially spreading your affiliate products ad sales. These videos spread so fast that that is why it is called viral marketing.

Google owns YouTube and Google is the top search engine. Getting your video on YouTube will help your website rank higher in the search engines-especially the main player, you guessed it, Google. There are plenty of other video sites where you can upload your videos though. Just a few include Yahoo Video, MetaCafe, MySpace and Daily Motion. The more places you send your videos the more they will be seen.

There are some other basic things to think about when making your video. You want to dress appropriately and act professional. Make sure the content is clear and informational. You are on your way to more traffic and more money with video marketing.