Online PUA – 10 Steps to Becoming an Online PUA

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Hi guys. You need to make sure that your profile stands out. Attractive girls on Facebook and MySpace get hundreds of messages from guys all the time. You really need to be different. Follow these steps below and you will become an online PUA.

1. Your profile picture is the first thing she will see. It is important that you get it right. If you have any photos next to a famous person then use that, this will make her curious and she will want to ask you about it. If you have any interesting hobbies then use that. I personally use a photo where I'm standing on one elbow as I'm a break dancer, but I know that not everyone can do this.

2. The second thing she is going to do is make a quick scan through your photos. She will make a quick decision if you're worth a long look. Make sure you have an array of photos showing different things. Please guys … if you have a really great body then do not show any topless photos. Let her wonder what you look like underneath your clothes. Have you ever seen a guy take his shirt off in a night club? What did you think of him? She will think you're an idiot too if you do this.

3. A common mistake guys make is that they are afraid to show a photo with their ex. You really should have 2 or 3 photos where you are cuddling up to your ex. This shows that women like you and therefore so should she. It also shows that you are obviously no weirdo crawling the net looking for girls. If you have no ex that you would like to put up, then find a photo of you cuddling any attractive girl. This is great social proof for you.

4. If you really want to become an online PUA then you should have no more than 20 photos maximum on your entire profile. This may not sound like many so make sure the ones you use all have a specific purpose and show you in a great light. Remember you are not expected to look like you spend your whole life on Facebook or MySpace.

5. Another common mistake is that guys put their relationship status up as "single" or "open relationship". This is a bad idea, you have to create intrigue with the girl so the best thing to do would be to turn this option off altar.

6. Erase all negative wall postings. You are supposed to have a great guy with lots of friends so erase anything like "yeah thanks for running away from the taxi driver, I had to pay the whole bill … next time I see you you're dead." This does not paint you in a good light.

7. If you have female friends (hopefully you will have) then send them a nice complimentary message. "Hey Sarah, how are you? Its been a while, just wondered how you were doing". Hopefully she will reply with something like "oh hey there (insert your name) yes, how are you. It does not matter if you do not wish to see her, but you really should collect these kind of wall postings as it shows you in a good light. Maybe you can have a female friend collude with you in this?

8. Do not have your profile opened up for random access. When you message girls, your aim is to have them add you as a friend. If they can only see your limited profile then they are more likely to be curious and add you.

9. Do not write everyday in the "what I'm doing today" section. Have you nothing better to do? You need to show yourself as being busy and not on Facebook all day long. An exception would be if you have something VERY funny to say and then only once a month at max.

10. OK so you have improved your profile. Now you need to start messaging girls. You are very close to being an Online PUA now. You should try out some online opens. One of my own is "hey, I thought it was you, sorry I had to leave early. This will create intrigue at the very least and almost certainly a response of some kind. You are in!