Why Should You Join a Calligraphy Guild?

The love and appreciation of creating art out of the written word is best enjoyed in the company of others who share a similar outlook. Calligraphy, however, is largely a pursuit usually undertaken alone, requiring care and concentration. Working for hours over a calligraphy table can be a solitary lifestyle and its only natural to want to talk about what you’ve been working on, as well as bounce a few ideas off the heads of people in the know.

A calligraphy guild is a valuable resource that allows local calligraphers to come together, usually once a month, to share their love of the art. It’s a means of sharing information about upcoming events, exhibitions, workshops and instructional classes. It also can give you the opportunity to display your work.

Calligraphy guilds are all about calligraphers helping other calligraphers in a multitude of different ways. Firstly just by being there to lend support to other members, then by passing on useful information, perhaps organising tours to events or raising money to help a member attend an exhibition.

Just about all calligraphy guilds produce newsletters on a regular basis that serve to give advice, tips and interest items. The small annual membership fee to join the guild includes the cost of the newsletter in most cases and the membership fee itself is a tiny price to pay for the benefits the members can get out of their guilds.

No matter whether you’ve been a practising calligrapher for years or are just starting out in the craft, there’s no doubt that you are well advised to join and make use of your local calligraphy guild. You’ll find support from a group of people who appreciates beautiful writing as much as you.