Writing as a Hobby

Do you enjoy writing? If so, you can use your writing skill in various ways. Sharing your knowledge with others is a wonderful experience. Many others might be able to get benefited from your knowledge, like the way we get benefited from reading other people’s writing. You can do these writings as a hobby or a business.

1. Write short stories or novel.

Do you have an imaginative mind? Then you can create your own characters and write beautiful stories. These stories can be purely imaginary or based on something what you believe or you have experienced.

2. Writing poetry.

Do you have a poetic mind? If so, you can create a beautiful and touching poetry within minutes. Many will enjoy reading your poetry.

3. Writing non-fiction books.

If you believe you are an expert in a particular field you can write useful books on the subject in detail, which will be very useful for others.

4. Writing useful tips.

If you have experienced situations in your life and learnt a lot from them, sharing your tips with others is a fantastic way to help others who are in need. It will be a timely help for them if they are also facing similar type of situations.

5. Writing inspirational stories.

Have you come across any people or situations which inspired you? Then you can write inspirational stories based on this. Who knows it may inspire someone else who reads your inspirational story.

6. Writing informative articles.

Do you believe you have some amount of knowledge in one subject or more? Why not write some how-to informative articles and submit them into various article directories? Others might be able to benefit from your information. If you can make them as booklets you can give it away for free or for cash.