What Are ACEOs? Why Collect Them?

Remember the baseball trading cards wrapped inside a pack of gum when you were a kid? Remember accumulating a big stack and the fierce shuffle of brisk trading that went on on the playground during lunch time recess? Remember the satisfying sound of stiff cardboard as it smacked into palms and the clink of coins in your kid change-purse?

Now, as you imagine the whole phenomenon, substitute major players, team colors and stats with original tiny delectable pieces of art in all styles of painting.

How many of us have the wall space or can afford to own and hang original paintings? How many artists have the kind of budget and publicity to have their work seen literally by thousands of potential patrons?

Enter the exquisite world ACEO cards. AKA Artist Collectible Editions and Originals.

Whether your taste runs to oils or acrylics or pen and inks, surrealism, abstract, black and white, or snap shots ACEOs have it.

For a mere $.50 or a few dollars an art lover or art collector can amass quite a variety of cards in her collection. An artist can work for an hour or two on a 2.5″ x 3.5 ” piece of Strathmore water color paper or a like sized piece of canvas or wood block to come up with something both exquisite and affordable on both sides. The artist does not have to own a big studio with expenses or a lot of equipment. The kitchen counter will do as workspace.

Multi-media is the rule whether his patron’s taste runs to oils, acrylics, photography, poetry on compositions, fabric art, watercolors, and more, or his own taste lies in producing pencil drawings, pen and inks, or wood block prints…

Each card arrives carefully slipped into its protective clear cellophane envelope for easy display as is. Or there are endless attractive framing options available to the buyer for display purposes.

Whether you plan to keep your collection in a photo album, a former baseball card album, a shoe-box under the bed or in frames filling up a wall in your home, for the art lover on a tight budget, ACEOs rock!