Selecting a Sports Bra For Running

If you are a woman who likes to run regularly then it is imperative that you are wearing a sports bra every time you lace up your running shoes. There are two main features that you must concern yourself with when you look for your running sports bra. You need a bra that controls bounce of the breasts, and is comfortable as well. Nothing will ruin a 10k faster than being uncomfortable. And if you are a woman with large breasts, C cup or more, then this is especially something to consider.

If you are like most women, then you found the process of purchasing a sports bra a pain. Why is that? The selection typically stinks when you visit various retailers and it is hard to find the bra you want. Not to worry though, once you have determined your proper fit and the style you want, it is easy to find a great selection online.

Before purchasing though, there are a few things you should know. There are two types of athletic bras. You have compression bras which work to compress the breasts. There are also encapsulation bras. Encapsulation bras provide separate support for each breast and is much more comfortable for women with a C cup or larger. This provides the additional protection and stability you require. Women who are an A or B cup will find a compression bra more comfortable and better suited to their body.

It is absolutely important that your bra fit properly. It must be snug without constricting you too much. It is recommended that you shop for a bra that actually has a cup size and not a generic small, medium, or large rating to it. This is especially true when performing more intense and vigorous activities like running.