Skin Made Sexy With Clothes

Sports fashion has often been perceived as rather cool and conservative. Except for swim wear, these clothes are hardly ever preferred by chic women since these are not very feminine in style. Skin does things differently with its sports fashion products. It’s market is not just the tee shirt lovers, but the women in general. Skin Industries is known for producing tees, hoodies, caps, gears, accessories, and more. What sets it apart from other sports brands are its very effeminate products, including women’s wallets, bikinis, sexy singlets, dresses, jewelry, and sunglasses.

Skin boasts of very sexy tops and dresses both in basic colors of black and white, and filled with artistic graphic designs. The brand’s Daydream tube top comes in black, white, or silver. It’s got fine prints both up front and back. It’s a very flattering singlet that fits women up to an extra large size. Skin’s Empire Fader dress, in grey or white hue, is another feminine and sexy clothing piece that may be worn alone or white tight trousers. This and the black Glory dress are designed with exquisite print on soft cotton fabric. The two-piece suits are also well-liked by the women, which come with graphic designs and in sexy swim wear styles. These items come in fresh and very vibrant colors.

The Skin women’s accessory line are another voguish and dashing sort, like the Brittanya O’Campo Signature Series sunglasses. These cool shades have unique frames, two tone lenses, and funky prints on the ear stems. The ear stems come in red or dark brown colors. The industry’s jewelry line consists of fly and classy pieces like the Afends bow charm bracelet, and the lustrous Afends diamond necklace. The more lucrative item among them is the silver and pink Hustler Royal Bitch necklace, a fine and dainty neck piece that says a lot about the owner. Skin’s wallets on the other hand, also come in dainty colors and a simple, expressive print. The brand’s Banida JRS wallet is especially notable for its bright slime green color and stylish top snap closure, while the Anastasia JRS French Wallet is a classic and versatile wallet that comes in either black, grey, or white, all with pink prints.