How to Make Primitive Hang Tags

To make your own primitive looked hang tags to attach on presents or jar gifts is a creative and fun way to add a personal touch to your gift.

Here's how. Take some cardstock, white, off white or any color you wish. Make some strong coffee and let it cool to room temperature. Cut or tear your cardstock in the shape and size you want. Be mindful if you plan to use a printer to print on it afterwards, or if you'll be drawing by hand. You can also use the scrapbooking decorative scissors to make certain shaped edges it you'd like. You'll also want to decide if it'll be a single side, double sided, or folded hang tag.

After you have determined the size and shape of the hang tag, take a paintbrush and lightly paint the coffee on the first side of the paper. Set it on waxed paper and allow it to dry (make take overnight). Once dry, turn over the other side and repeat.

Once the cardstock is dry on both sides you're ready to begin the artwork. If you're using a printer, simply print the picture you desire on the card. If doing this by hand, extra fine tip black Sharpie markers work great for primitive look hang tags. One thing nice about the prim look, is that it's difficult to mess up. Start with the wording on the hang tag that you want. A quick way to make your writing look primitive is by adding a small dot at each ending and beginning point of each letter.

If your hang tag is too plain by now you can either hand draw some type of border around the outside of the wording, or a small drawing of a country item somewhere on the label. Some things that are popular is a bow, a farm animal, a country jar, a star, snowmen, mittens, etc. Again, a rustic primitive look is very forgiving, even for the person who can't necessarily draw otherwise.

Now use a hole punch and either jute string or raffia or some other type of primitive material to tie a knot to attach to the gift. These are really cute on gifts in a jar as well. Experiment with the look and have fun!