Nokia N70 Mobile Phone

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The entry of Nokia N series in the world of mobile phone handset has taken the mobile phone users by pleasant surprise. Almost all the sets of the series are completely compatible to serve the purpose of a busy bureaucrat, ambitious businessman and any other fun-loving mobile user. Let us see the features and functionalities of the most favourite member of the series— Nokia N70.

Nokia N70 is most famous for its high resolution video camera. Simply unfold and twist the main display and the hand set is ready to shoot superb quality video using the high-resolution colour landscape display as a viewfinder. For convenient one-hand operation there are zoom keys including up to 8x digital zoom for video.

You can easily connect it to the Internet thereby to communicate with others, create and share experiences, participate in Internet communities, and access digital content using available mobile broadband connections. How interesting is it to communicate with the rest of the world or enjoy your favourite channel using a small tool which remains well-fit within the fist of your hand!

May be for serious work or simply having sheer fun Nokia N70 can provide unparallel multimedia experience. With its powerful functionality and winsome design it can arrest the attention of any fashionable person. With all these wonders packed in a small and cute device will Nokia N70 be an ideal for any group of mobile phone users, irrespective of their age and status.

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