Spas, Beauty Treatments and Relaxation in the Cotswolds, UK

Though you might not expect it, the area of ​​the Cotswolds in the UK is a great place to go for spas, beauty treatments, and general relaxation. With the influx of celebrities over the last several years, many luxury hotels have popped up in the area, some of which offer traditional spa services and more.

Spa 6
Located on Lake 6 and partnered with the Four Pillars Hotel, Spa 6 is a modern, contemporary part of the Cotswold Water Park. While not beautiful on the outside (the buildings remind many of an office park), the treatments make up for the lack of ambiance!

Both the facials and massages at this spa in the Cotswolds are pretty standard. However, Spa 6 also offers a rasul room, where you can rub mud on your body and let it dry as much as you want before showering off next door. It has a pool, gym, sauna, steam room, and a drench-shower, all to help you relax and enjoy yourself.

C-Side Spa
Another popular place to relax in the Cotswolds is Cowley Manor's C-Side Spa. Cowley Manor itself is a popular, contemporary hotel, and the spa is no different. Offering not only the much-praised Cotswold countryside, useful for relaxation in and of itself, the C-Side Spa has Clarins and ESPA treatments.

The whole place is about luxury, with bedrooms that include flat-screen televisions and DVD players, in addition the spa's offerings.

Calcot Spa
Finally, a popular Cotswolds spa is the Calcot Spa, located near Tetbury Gloucestershire. Here, the staff designs all treatments to help you rejuvenate, relax, and generally feel better about life in general. While they cater specifically to those who have a paid membership, the Calcot Spa also offers day treatments for interested visitors.

Treatments here include everything from massage to reiki therapy, algae wraps, and body polishes. They even have a special spa menu for men, so no one feels left out. In addition to these usual treatments, the Calcot Spa offers personal training and tennis coaching.

Other Spas
These are only three of the amazing spas that the Cotswolds have to offer. In fact, if you're traveling to the area, there is probably at least one spa close to where you'll be staying. If you can't find one ahead of time, ask your concierge when you arrive. You may be surprised to find out how many spas are nearby.

If you don't have the money to spend on a spa, never fear. Being in the Cotswolds is relaxation itself. The pace of life is slower, so travellers can unwind and lose some of the tension they carry in their daily lives, without paying a penny!