Microwave Ovens – Are They Really Safe?

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Since microwave ovens became popular in domestic kitchens in the 1970’s the debate about microwave safety and whether microwaves cause cancer has raged. Are microwave ovens truly safe or are they part of the reason that cancers are on the increase.

The answer comes from the science involved with microwaves and how they are produced, what length the microwaves are and which type of radiation they give off. Microwaves are essentially short wave pulses of energy emitted by magnetrons. The microwaves are five inches long and once generated last for only a split second. The word radiation has to be understood as there is ionizing radiation which can damage organic molecules and then there is nonionizing wave radiation, which cause no damage to molecules. Microwaves are part of the second category and do not cause food to become irradiated.

There is though still the a belief that food that is cooked using microwave energy can cause cancer this is however impossible and will not occur even if the foods are exposed to enormous amounts of microwave energy.

There is though the issue of the effects of microwaves on peoples health. This remains a contentious issue with some people saying that microwave ovens can have effects on human flesh and others saying there is no problem, but it has led to rigorous standards being set across the world. The debate still carries on with the lower range microwaves though, such as those emitted by mobile phones.

Microwave ovens though contain the microwaves in a box and because of the distance they travel the energy is contained within that box, which is what gives the protection for you and your family.