If She is the Beauty, Then Who is the Beast?

We have been brought up in a world where beauty seems to be the most important thing if not the most after health and money. We fall in love with movie star because of their beauty. We learn about the fairy tale "the beauty and the beast" at a very young age then later on as we get older, we see the movie and the play about the beauty and the beast at least two to three times. Our obsession with beauty is so much that we just can imagine that movie actors and TV personalities are people like us. We just can't imagine that these very actors that we so much adore have imperfections, just as we do.

The pressure is so much on movie actors to always show their best. We can never imagine that these famous Hollywood actors have to fight with zits, pimples and acne as we do. The reality is they have to face the same problem that we do. The advantage is that they have a bit more money to hire the best doctors and cosmetic experts in order to continue living in the land of make believe and make us believe that they are perfect.

Many actors, as a matter of fact, have to struggle daily with a problem that many of us only know too well. Acne that is. One of the actors I am referring to is Cameron Diaz. She rarely talks about acne problems but she did reveal in one interview that she has problem with acne and that she always had, despite the fact that she is surrounded with the best nutritionists and health gurus that money can buy.

A lot of the actors will try to hide their acne under heavy makeup and some of them would refuse to take too many close shots of their faces so that their skins would not show its imperfections. One things is for sure, we are all humans, we feel pretty some days and not as pretty on other days.

The thing to remember about the interview that Cameron Diaz gave to self magazine is what she did to get rid of acne. She said that she use to smoke and that is when she had the worse case of acne breakouts. When she decided to stop smoking that's when she saw the most improvement in her skin condition. She was drinking plenty of water, did smoke anymore, was taking good care of her skin and her skin did in fact get clearer and smoother. Now we got it from the mouth of a Hollywood beauty who got rid of the beast, her acne, by quitting smoking, drinking plenty of water and uses oil free moisturizer.