How To Be A Good Husband Or Boyfriend – 13 Steps

First, I would like to mention that each item listed below are not in any particular order. They are all essential elements to being a good husband or boyfriend.

1. Pay attention to your woman. This means, undivided attention. Include eye contact and verbal prompts to let her know you are listening.

2. Be a good listener. That means actually hear what she is saying, because she may bring the topic up again. In addition, if the topic is about you, you need to see if you can fix/solve whatever problem/issue she is referring to.

3. Pamper your woman. By pampering I mean running her bath water (you may bath her, but some women don’t like to be wasted), pay for her nails and hair to be done. (These are only some examples, creativity is the key.)

4. Write small notes and leave them in common areas where she will see them. The notes should be compliments or cute messages to her (ie. I love you, you are beautiful, have a nice day, etc.). You can also send text messages that will have the same effect. Love letters are great. And if you have that artistic side, write poems.

5. Buy her gifts. The size and cost of the gifts aren’t important components, unless she is materialistic. But random gifts are attention getting agents, which show her that you care and love her. In addition, it will make her feel special and appreciated.

6. Take your woman out. Each woman is different as to what she likes, but some examples would be: dinner, lounge, dancing, movies, museums, festivals, etc.

7. Cook for your woman. Generally speaking the woman does majority of the cooking, if not all. So, sometimes it would be a relief as well as a surprise to cook for her. You don’t have to be a chef, you could make simple meals like breakfast in bed, or meals that are already made that just need to be heated. However, if you use meals that are already made, I would suggest that you make the dining table and light some canddles to make it more romantic or appealing.

8. You should participate in the house duties. However, only do what you are capable of, don’t do something that you are going to mess up. Some easy duties would be vacumming, dishing, or taking out the trash. Try to make these things a regular routine, so that she doesn’t have to do them.

9. **THIS IS A BIG ONE** Avoid looking at other women in front of your woman. This is commonly perceived as disrespect. Plus, it’s can affect her self-esteem or self-image. She may think that she’s not appealing to you. To assist yourself in this action, don’t look at other women when your woman is not around. This allows you to get in the practice of not looking. It is common for men to look out of habit.

10. *THIS IS ANOTHER BIG ONE* Control your inner urges. Be self-disciplined and able to retrain your inner feelings for action. Your hormones. This will help from you not getting upset and showing it, when she isn’t in the mood. Which in turn will avoid conflict.

11. As a man you should be able to admit when you’re wrong. This should be self-explanatory.

12. You should be committed to resolving differences. Solutions to problems helps to keep peace. If problems aren’t resolved, then they will keep arising as an issue for discussion/argument.

13, Finally, remember that love is a series of actions such as: patience, tolerance, endurance, sacrifice, etc. Love also gives off a by–product or side–effect which is an emotional feeling. Many people mistaken the side–effect/ emotional feeling as love. For further definitions of love, refer to your spiritual or religious manuals/books (ie. bible).

In closing, I believe that if you apply these simple 13 elements to your relationship, you will be a great husband or boyfriend. Love is the most important element, because when you love someone it will be easier to implement the other elements. Thanks for reading and I wish you the best.