19 Inch LG Flat Screen Monitor Review

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This is one sleek looking LCD widescreen monitor. LG has really put out an excellent product. One customer has said it is the best they have had. It even offers more clarity and brightness then an HDTV.

To cover the basics this monitor is certified for Windows Vista and the monitors design is intended to compliment the new OS. This monitor offers a 1440 x 900 screen resolution along with 16:10 aspect ratio designed to offer you a better view of the screen. For those that do not know what aspect ratio is–it is just the width of the screen divided by the height.

One of LG’s personal technologies is the FLATRON F-ENGINE. What is that you ask, well it is a picture enhancing computer chip that delivers you with amazing color, superb contract and image quality. This is what makes the monitor so good. The FLATRON F-ENGINE is able to balance the contrast and brightness both independently as needed to again keep the image supper for you.

When it comes to response time for the monitor you have been used to times like 25 ms or maybe 16ms. That is milliseconds but the higher the number the less crisp and clear your picture. Now LG has really set a new level of excellence here by providing you with a 2ms response time. This delivers you a very crisp and clear picture or image.

Another way that this screen provides you with excellent qualities is by offering you with a 170 degree viewing angle. This means that even at up to 170 degrees from the center of the screen you can see it very well. This means that when you are showing someone something on your monitor they do not have to sit right next to you in order to see the screen. You can both have a little breathing room while viewing the screen clearly.

How much room with this great monitor take up? With the stand the monitor measures 20.1 inches x 16.7 inches x 6 inches. That sure is a lot smaller then those old box monitors that weighted a ton. Speaking of weight, this LG monitor weight in at just 7.9 pounds–much better then the old days.

Of course the box will include the monitor and the all the basic cords to connect to power and the computer. In addition the monitor comes with a 3 year warranty that covers labor.

This monitor will give you exceptional value for your money and deliver you great graphics. You can find these monitors from $230 or less depending where you shop.