Toshiba RD98DT Review: 250GB HDD Freeview DVD Recorder With 1080p Upscaler

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The Toshiba RD98DT DVD recorder/player perfectly combines huge capacity of a hard drive, with the convenience and ease-of-use of a regular DVD recorder. The Toshiba RD98DT is definitely more than well-suited for the digital age, as the device features a 250 GB hard drive that’s more than capable of saving up to 424 hours of digital TV content. Here are a few of the many notable perks of this Toshiba DVD recorder.

Built-In Freeview Digital Tuner

The Toshiba DVD recorder/player comes bundled with a Freeview Digital Tuner, which is probably the easiest way for you to enjoy viewing up to 50 digital channels and 24 radio stations. What’s best about the Freeview digital tuner service is that you won’t have to pay any subscription fees, as well as sign any contracts or fill up any forms.

Connectivity Options

The Toshiba RD98DT also offers a wide array of connectivity options. These include analogue 2 channel audio, coaxial audio, component video output, composite video, 2 SCART (RGB), Front AV and a 1.3 HDMI output.

Picture and Sound Specifications

The Toshiba RD98DT’s sound spec’s include Dolby Digital and DTS compatible, while its picture specifications include PAL Progressive, Icon-On-Screen Display, Sow Motion, Variable Zoom, Deep Colour Function, DVD Upscaling 1080p, 1080I, 720p.

Delivering Excellent Pictures through HMDI

According to electronics experts, Toshiba surely has a knack at developing affordable budget-DVD players. With the Toshiba DVR recorder, delivering picture via HDMI is pretty much superb. The picture quality is bright, sharp and colourful, and the colour tones are bold and distinct. If you’re looking for solid blacks, green, reds and other colours, you’ll surely have a fun time ogling at the sharp, real-life rendition of colours.

The Toshiba RD98DT may look like your typical HD DVD recorder /player on first impressions. Its remote control looks like a standard head scratcher, and displays a host of identical buttons which have the usual flicker. However, once you start playing or recording your videos and other digital content, you’ll find out the audio and video quality is exceptional, although not too flawless as some critics may argue. The screen resolution provides bold colours and decent details. However, with a 250 GB HDD inside its slender body, and a DVD disc tray that’s more than capable of recording to DVD R/RW, and the ability to play dual-layer DVD-R discs, the RD98DT is truly worth the price. If you like playing mp3’s or DivX movies on your DVD recorder, then you’re in for a wonderful ride with this device.

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