Electric Model Trains in Your Home

It is very unlikely that anybody living in an industrialized country has never been to a theme park. For this very reason, it is also very unlikely that you have yet to see the very large electric model trains at these theme parks; they are large enough for adults to ride on. Regardless of whether the model railroad is steam or electric powered, one cannot resist the temptation of riding one of these train engines. In fact, you can buy the ride-on model railroads you see at theme parks and put them in your own back yard and many people have!

During the middle of the 20th century model trains became the latest fad in American homes. For years trains have played an important economic role; originally they started as a method of transporting goods throughout the country. As technology became more efficient people began using trains as a method of transportation to vacation spots. Later, they even became the main attraction of a family’s vacation. Although today, steam or electric trains might not be the latest in terms of technology, many people still find train rides fun and fascinating. This fascination for trains has led many around the world to begin building models of these incredible machines.

A popular type of model railroad train is the electric model train. At one time it was difficult to build model train layouts in your home because each manufacturer built parts based on its own standard and you could not easily mix and match. Now, however, most major model train manufacturers work on a industry standard scale that allows parts of different kits to be interchanged.

There are five common model scales that people often use. They are: The N model, the Z model, the G model, the O model and the H0 model. Each of these models has their own standard scale, so they are not often interchanged. The size ratio of the Z model is 1-220 (this is the smallest there is). The largest of the five models is the G model. The scale of the G model is 1-22.5; this is the one you find at theme parks. The rest fall in between these two.

Although actual trains in the real world are not nearly as popular as they were before the convenience of cars or planes, model trains are a timeless hobby that will continue to bring joy to many people around the world.