Best Rated Running Shoes For Women – Part 1

The Best Rated Shoes for Women that Run Short Distances

Winner: Nike

Running short distances or sprinting has many requirements from a sports shoe, but none is more important than it being lightweight and this is because heavier shoes with huge amounts of padding are unnecessary for short distances. Heavy padding often makes a running shoe rigid and weighty which can easily take a slight edge off your performance. This can sometimes makes all of the difference when you are only running a short distance.

With Nike being one of the world's biggest sportswear company means they invest huge sums of money into making the lightest and most performance enhancing running shoes on the market. One of their notable technologies, Flywire has not only made Nike women's running shoes one of the very lightest shoes around, but it has also made them one of the few most durable shoes available on the market.

The Best Rated Shoes for Women that Run Long Distances

Winner: Brooks

Long distance running requires shoes that are comfortable. Running mile after mile every day is not much fun if your feet are uncomfortable and your shoes are rubbing against your skin for long periods of time often leading to bruises and blisters. This is unfortunate, but often, it is these side effects of running long distance which can sometimes turn an enjoyable run into a chore for some runners.

In our tests we found Brooks running shoes to be the most comfortable. This is because Brooks women's running shoes are primarily designed for long distance runners. They are also biomechanically engineered to provide extra comfort for those runners covering extremely long distances. Read more in Part 2