All That You Need to Know About a Cardigan Style Apparel

All the clothing that we have in our closets apparently has their individual history of origin and existence. While most of us don't even care or wonder about their stories, but that doesn't make their history any less valuable. Many of these clothing have not just shaped our lives, but even have turned out to be significant symbols of comfort and harmony.

The simple cardigan sweaters are one of the most popular apparel that most of us own as a staple wear for the chilly weather. This clothing has even given rise to some of the most popular styles today. Cardigans are definitely popular fashion items as well as utility wear. This versatile apparel can be worn in different styles like pairing it with a variety of bottom wear such as jeans, khakis, skirts and even shorts. Some of these styles of cardigans are also worn with dresses. They have nicely replaced the bulky large sweatshirts and crew neck sweaters.

The story of cardigan sweater is said to have begun back in the mid of the 1800's when the Crimean war was on. A British military commander serving in this war began wearing the cardigan sweater, from which it came into existence. But it mainly became popular in the 17th century among the French fishermen of the times.

Cardigans are generally made with materials like wool and are buttoned or fastened with threads in the front. These fastening helps to close the front of the clothing from top to bottom. In some other styles and cuts, the buttoning remains just near the middle of the torso. Again, some of them have zippers to secure the sweaters in the front.

You can find these apparels in nearly all types of warm clothing materials like wool, Pashmina and others. But if your purpose for the cardigan is to feel warm, the best option for you is to choose wool and cotton fabrics. This seems to prove extremely valuable for the cold weather.

Knitted cardigans are a worthy choice for both men and women. Though there are some minute differences in the look of these sweaters for different genders, but the overall pattern is the same. Women get them in a variety of colors in twin-sets or just in separate pieces to wear over shirts or blouses. Men usually wear them as a jacket over shirts. Some people like to flaunt the cardigans as the main part of their whole attire.

This simple piece of apparel can give a whole new meaning to your existing outfit and even create a new look without changing the clothes that you are already flaunting. Plain cardigan sweaters or knitwear styles have already acquired a lot of popularity and are surely going to be on trend, this fall season