Hobbies For Children

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Come summer and you find children languidly straying all over the place. Daydreaming or playing in garden from dawn to dusk, they welcome their holiday with open arms.

But if you are able to plan your child’s vacation, then he or she will be grateful to you as the years go by. Because when you plan a constructive summer vacation your child benefits. So if your child fancies drawing then help him refine his talent. Help him build his hobby by giving a blank sheet and colors. Be with him for sometime until he is completely immersed in his newfound happiness. He may draw stick figures today, but Michelangelo did not become a painter out of nothing.

Children have an open mind and can be molded the way you want it. Children are special and brilliant, but you have to discover their passion. But how do you do it? There are a variety of hobbies children can choose. From craft on paper like making flowers, fishes, furniture, butterflies to making puppets, necklaces, candles, paper bags, origami, pencil art, calligraphy, stained glass, painting on paper, canvas, pots, and more.

So take up any one of these and see if your child is interested. Here is how you can make a lovely Hawaiian garland known as the lei. It is colorful and will surely keep your child latched till it is complete. Cut flowers from thick paper, you could have different or same type of flowers, to make it more attractive, add glue and stick glitter or other decorative items to the flower. Once all the flowers are cut out (you do not have to make them of the same shape and size) keep them aside. Take drinking straw and cut them to 1&1/2 inches in size (they do not have to be perfect in size. They are made to keep the flowers at a distance). Take sowing thread up to 1 feet and double it. Make a thick knot at one end. Put the smallest flower through it, then put in the straw, put the small flower, then the straw, keep doing that until all the flowers are over. Then knot the open ends and your Hawaiian lei are complete. Put it around the neck or waist and dance away.

You can choose the hobby for your child according to the age. If your child is 5 years and older and his or her hands can handle shapes then introduce them to origami. Origami is a famous art that is even taught in school. You get complete – do it yourself boxes, instructions and pictures are given to help you complete your table, flower, bed, ostrich, swan and a million of other ideas. Once your child has completed a certain job applaud him or her for their deed. This encourages them to go ahead and do more. Even if the outcome is not that perfect, motivate the child to do better instead of sneering at them. Remember once the child enjoys doing it, they will create wonders.

Music is another hobby you can bring your child to learn. Today there are a number of music classes opened by retired band players who can teach your child at a minimal fee. Once he or she loves playing the instrument, then it is only a matter of time for them to take on more instruments and make you proud.

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