How To Distinguish Fake Apparel From Branded?

Have you ever faced the problem of getting something that claimed to be the branded but eventually you realized that it was a fake product? This happens a lot these days when people buy something from a trusted store and pay a hefty amount for something that is fake and not durable. Fortunately there are online stores which have been there for years and people shop authentic products especially clothing articles at discounted prices.

This article talks about the various identification marks that will easily decipher whether the clothing articles are fake or authentic. Here are some suggestions for identifying clothes of international brands:

• Fabric: The first thing that you need to notice in any branded apparel is it's fabric composition. From a plain shirt to men's underwear; every piece has a code that states its fabric composition. If you are very well versed with the touch and feel of the various fabrics, you'll know the originality or else you can ask someone who has the knowledge and experience to do the same. In case you buy the clothing article; wash it and see if the color fades or not. If it does, it is fake shirt or underwear. For example, if you buy a 100% cotton men's boxer brief underwear; you wash it and after drying it does not show wrinkles like original cotton apparel would; it surely is a fake one.

• Design: Design is another aspect that you can easily figure out. You must have noticed that most of the top brands generally have sophisticated and subtle designs. Even though they look ordinary but fit really well and also pamper the skin. However, the small brick and mortar shops offer men's clothing with branded logos / brand names on them but you'll find something missing in them- the right fit. In addition, the authentic apparel rarely have fancy designs such as big embroideries or other features to show off.

• Trademark: Every fashion brand has its own, unique and registered trademark that helps people give a reality check about authentic clothing. Checking the trademark of the respective brand is the instinctive way of knowing whether it is authentic or not. The first thing that you must understand about trademarks is that the authentic fashion brand would always sew its name on the logo of the apparel style rather than paste it. On the outer clothing, it is sewn on the inside of the small label fixed on the internal part of the clothing whereas; in intimate apparel styles such as men's jockstrap underwear or any other, it is sewn on the front or rear of the same. Secondly, the genuine clothes come with a printed card that mentions its washing and maintenance details.

• Details: Men's designer clothing generally comes with a nice packaging that is different from the others and way different from the fake ones. The proper fold of the shirt / t-shirt, the use of pins in the right places to make it more appealing and clean before opening, and the trademark of the brand on every button or zipper are some of the things that will help you notice the difference. The credible names would always mention the address of the manufacturer / brands headquarter on the box or bag that contains the clothing article.

• Durability: In case you are not planning to buy anything as of now and want to check whether your already-existing sweater (or any other thing) is genuine or not; check its durability. After wearing it five to seven times in a row and the same number of washes, branded apparel will still look the same. However, the fake one would die out as soon as you wash it for the first time. You can easily make out the difference then.

These were some of the important and easy tricks that will help you notice the difference between the two categories easily. So, shop wisely the next time you shop.