LED Lights: A Revolution in the Field of Electronics

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Every home, office and just about any place needs lights, however with power and energy costs rising so fast one needs to think about alternate, innovative and energy saving options. One such innovation is the LED lights, which are not just efficient and power saving but have a lot many advantages.

LED means Light Emitting Diodes, these lights are in reality a group or a cluster of single units. Though they normally produce white light, but lights of other wavelengths can also be created. With exact combination of wavelengths one can get the desired colour.

What sets these LED lights apart from other lights is the fact that they do not have a filament like the conventional light bulbs. The light here is created by the electric waves that pass across the semiconductor diodes. The resultant light in reality is electromagnetic radiations.

The benefits of LED are:

  1. They are extremely efficient, power and energy saving unlike incandescent lights which emit 98% of their energy as heat.
  2. They have a relatively long life as compared to the conventional halogen bulbs. These lights can roughly last for about 50,000 to 100,000 hours.
  3. These lights are extremely durable and are not fragile as they do not have a filament. At the same time shock, cold and heat have no effect on these lights.
  4. These bulbs are capable of working in critical environments.

These bulbs have its applications in every field and its uses have been implemented on a large scale. These LED lights have found its application in every sphere of life be it for the traffic lights or for display screens or computers.

In vehicles they are used as brake lights and car alarms too. All in all these LED lights are used in just about any application which requires inexpensive and bright light which is also long lasting.

These lights are extremely easy to install and hence very popular too. The uses of these LED lights in cars have been of special importance since they help in indication, navigation and also provide enhanced vision for night driving. These LED lights have also found their application in the fast growing field of photonic textiles. These lights have surely made a huge difference in the field of electronics and many products would be impossible without them. These LED lights make a great investment and also help in conserving energy.

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