Cabinet Door Hinges – A Kitchen Essential

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So you’ve decided to give your kitchen a facelift. You’ve decided on a paint color, picked out a new counter top and are re-facing your cabinets. Heck you might even throw in a new fridge or range.

Once you’ve decided on the big items like stainless steel appliances and granite countertops it is important not to forget the little things that make your kitchen complete. Cabinet hardware can make or break the look you just spent so much money to achieve.

For example if you want a sleek and modern kitchen you would not want traditional cabinet door hinges or decorative hinges that will take away from the streamlined look you worked so hard to achieve. You also want yours to match your knobs and pulls in finish and style.

Hinges come in a seemingly endless variety of styles, sizes and shapes. But if you know the basics you will able to find the right ones for your project in a flash. Don’t worry about whether the hinge is labeled left or right handed. All this means is what side of the door you are hanging the hinges on, but all you need to do is flip them over and you can use them on the other side. You may also be unsure of what size of hinge you need. As long as it is proportional to the size of the door you needn’t worry. Hinges are extremely strong. In fact they are generally eight to ten times stronger than the job they are called on to do.

When it comes to cabinet door hinges the right ones depend on the type of door you have. Basically there are three types of doors lipped, overlay and flush. The lipped door is one in which a lip has been cut completely around the door. The overlay door is cut larger than the opening so that its edges rest on the door frame. Flush doors sit inside the frame with their faces flush within it. Each type of door dictates different types of hinges.

Pivot hinges, one of the most popular styles, are designed for overlay doors. One hinge is mounted on top the other on the bottom with portions of each screwed into the frame resulting in a concealed hinge.

Butterfly hinges are really decorative butt hinges that when fully opened have the look of a butterfly. They are used only on flush doors and add a decorative touch. If you want your cabinets to close by themselves which is always popular you need a spring loaded cabinet hinge. So called because they have a tiny spring inside that when released closes the door by itself. As versatile as they are popular they can be used on all three types of doors.

Once you have found the right type of hinges for your cabinets you get to have fun choosing the finish to match your other hardware. After all, no kitchen is complete without cabinet door hinges and you want your revitalized kitchen to be everything you dreamed it could be.