How to Decide on What Electronics to Buy

These years, the world of consumer electronics is colossal. Daily, more and more products come out. Especially since the shopping season nearing, it is impossible to decide on which gifts products to buy. Some people deeply recommend a product while others hate it. Some products are worth it and some just aren’t.

Some good products are:

1.    The iPod touch. This retails for $229 for the 8GB model. It is one of the bestselling products of all time as recently ranked by It has one of the best values in the industry today. The iPod Touch and do anything you want it to do. From surfing the web to taking pictures, this thing can do it.

2.    The Kindle. Now only $139, the Amazon kindle prevents you from hauling heavy books around from place to place. Also digital books do not deteriorate and are cheaper.

3.    The Macbook. Not to be an Apple fan, but the Macbook and Macbook Pro are seriously good computers. Apple has one of the best designs for a laptop ever. The speed is on par laptops in the $600 though considering its >$1000.

4.    The TomTOM XXL 540M is a good choice for everyday commuters and travelers. It features a huge 5inch screen that is easy to view. Something new that TOMTOM has done is the lifetime traffic updates.

5.    The best video camera is currently the Flip UltraHD. It is probably the lowest cost HD camcorder at only $200. With 2 hours of storage and easy uploading, it is the easiest and cheapest product on the market today.

These products are the ones with the greater value in the industry today.