Stay Looking Younger Longer

There is a saying in the USA that you can tell what year a woman graduated high school by her make-up. Here in the UK the benchmark may have a different name, college or university for example, but the message is the same. Each season you update your wardrobes to keep you feeling current and younger, but when was the last time you updated your make-up routine?

As you move from your late thirties into your forties and beyond you need to adapt your make-up to suit your changing look. Using the right products will help keep you looking younger; basically less is more!

You may feel safe using the same eye colours you have used for years, but do they really work with your colouring now? As you get older your make-up should look more natural so make sure you are choosing the colours that enhance your eyes but do not overwhelm them. Cream shadows are best avoided if your eyelids are prone to creasing, powder shadows are much easier to blend and look more subtle. The same principle goes for eye liners, stick to the soft pencils and stay away from harsh liquid liners. An eye base is a must have to keep your shadow in place all day.

Your mascara should look natural too, thick spidery lashes are fun when your twenty but look harsh and over the top on mature faces. Find a shade that matches your colouring, blondes should use brown or navy mascara, redheads should stick to browns, darker colourings can wear black and brown.

Most women need a bit of cheek colour to make them look healthier and you we get older it gives you a more youthful look too. Cream blushers feel great on the skin and are easy to apply, but if you feel they are a little too glossy for your look then apply a little translucent face powder over the top. In your 50s and 60s a matt blusher is recommended to avoid looking too shiny.

When it comes to lips again, colour and texture key: you should not be wearing the same colours you wore in your twenties. As your natural lip colour begins to fade you will need to keep a couple of good cream lipsticks in your best colours at hand to immediately give your face a lift. For thinning lips, a lip gloss over lip pencil or lipstick gives the effect of fuller lips. Using a lip base will keep your lip colour in place and so keep you looking brighter all day.

When you are familiar with a trusty make-up routine it is not easy to change without knowing what really suits you.