Secure Your Business Premises With Electronics

One of the most popular forms of security is an intruder alarm that is linked into a company who will notify you that the alarm has been activated. This can be beneficial for those business owners who might not live near the office. The alarm can also be connected to the local Police Station, who will be notified if the alarm is activated.

The keypad entry system is useful to stop unwanted persons entering the office premises. This is an extra level of access, if an intruder has been able to gain entry through another door or window they will not be able to get out through the door as easily. This will also be good deterrent as a potential intruder will need to know the main keypad code in order to access the building. The code can also be changed quickly when a member of staff leaves to keep security at a premium level.

If someone has gained access to the property by either following an employee through the door or forced entry one way to limit further damage is by using a key fob access control system. This will enforce restricted access based on security levels. The intruder will not be able to access anything past the main door. This can also work well for employees as access will be granted based on roles and security level needed. Human Resources can keep confidential employee files secure in a room only accessed by them. Technical departments responsible for servers and the computer networks will be able to control who enters the area. Administration support or receptionists do not need access to these areas for example.

Another form of access control entry is using swipe cards. These work in the same way as the key fob. The cards will only allow employees into specific areas of the building where they need to be.

For employee safety during office hours intercoms are useful for controlling who can enter the building. Visitors should be booked in and staff notified beforehand. The company will also be able to control who to let in rather than having anyone from the street simply walk into the office and be immediately in someone's working space.

CCTV is an effective way of monitoring who has been into your office as well as activity around the office outside. CCTV can provide 24 hour surveillance and offers an extra level of security and protection.