Computer Components and Hardware Devices

A computer can be possibly defined as a device that can be programmed to perform the effective mathematical calculations along with the logical operations. The capability of this electronic device is amazing with the incredible provisions of processing of data and the storage options. Enormous amount of data can be eventually retrieved by these devices. The major types of computer are namely the:


The portable devices are easy to carry from place to place and are the most convenient ones to use on the go. The incredible connectivity to the internet facility makes it the most convenient for an individual to stay connected with the rest of the world whenever it is required and wherever it is necessary. On the other hand the desktop PCs are the sturdy desktop pieces that are stuffed with the components that are matched perfectly to meet the requirements of an individual's particular necessities.
The most essential components in a computer

1) Case – The outer case that perfectly includes all the hardware components within.

a) Power Supply is one of the core components that deserve proper mentioning as there are different types of power supply provisions to the computer. The type to be assigned depends entirely upon the respective computer system.

b) Motherboard being the next important case component is considered to be the brain of the respective computer system. It is the main controlling panel that provides the installation of certain computing devices along with the proper provisions of video and the sound cards. The motherboard is the essential component that gets accompanied by other further components namely the micro processing chip, the Central Processing Unit along with the BIOS that is, Basic Input and Output System.

i) Microprocessor can be considered to be the brain of the computer system. It is responsible to handle each and every command and the controlling operations involved in a respective computer system.

ii) Memory usage is the most important functionality which is situated upon the motherboard.

iii) Certain drive controllers are also to be considered as the effective computer components that get categorized under the case.

c) The Hard disk drive is the storage component that is responsible for the storage of data in a computer system. The operating system which is the root to all computing and other functions gets installed here.

d) External storage components like the Floppy and the CD ROM drives stores the data to be accessed any time as a medium of portable further usage.

2) Monitor – The component that delivers the display to the functions that get carried away in a respective computer system.

3) Keyboard and Mouse are the peripheral components that are responsible for the input of respective data signals to the computer system.

The CPU or the Central Processing Unit is the key to process all the necessary information starting from the basic to the complex functions to be performed by the system. The sound is transmitted through the output device namely the speakers.