Most Exciting Online Solitaire Games for You

You must have played solitaire many times as rummy and playing cards. Now these card games can be enjoyed on internet. They have attractive themes, 3d animation and colorful graphics. These games have a rich and amazing history. From the very beginning solitaire was called as patience in most parts of Europe. Later on the term "patience" got limited to United Kingdom. First of all these card games were used to predict future in tarot readings and preceded classical card games. Within a definite time these games were used as sources of entertainment by multiple players. In 1300 AD playing cards were discovered in Italy, soon these games became popular all over Europe. After this tarot games were invented. These games got the modern form of online multiplayer card playing sessions. The rules of these games were farmed properly during the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte. Some people say that solitaire has French origin.

Most online card games can be played on the internet. These games can be downloaded on computers having interfaces like Microsoft Windows, Macintosh and others. Following online solitaire games are popular on the internet:

1: FreeCells : This card game can be played on Microsoft Windows. Players have to try leaving as many cells open to allow more cards to be moved in each turn. For winning one should try to build card decks consisting ranks or suits of kings. But it should be remembered that card of king do not cover or overlap other card. The foundation of card decks in this game should be built with cards having even values.

2: Klondike : This is a popular red on black online game for playing solitaire. In this game the foundations should not be made with odd values. For winning solitaire players should select cards from deeper piles.

3: Pyramid: This is the most challenging game for playing cards online. Those players who have full knowledge of pyramid games can win easily. One should check and select those cards which have more identical pieces in the game. The cards in this game should not block each other.

4: Scorpion: This game is also tough to win but is a very exciting to play. The basic tip of winning this game is to avoid playing with those cards that are buried in the same pile. All face down cards has to be freed in this game.