Tip on Getting Pregnant

What can you do to increase your chances to get pregnant? In this article ‘Tip on getting pregnant’ we will provide you with some tips that may enhance your chances to conceive.

Tip on getting pregnant #1: Preconception checkup

Set up a meeting with your general practitioner to do a preconception checkup. Discussing your medical past and current situation allows your doctor to give you some tips or help you out in case of more serious matters. Also talk with your practitioner about supplements. Especially folic acid is important because it reduces the chance of specific birth defects (for example anencphaly or spina bifida). It is advisable to take this well before you start trying to conceive. When you make an appointment for a checkup try to get the last appointment of the day. In this way your doctor has all the time to answer your questions.

Tip on getting pregnant #2: Quit smoking, drinking and drugs

It is generally known that smoking, drinking and drugs are not beneficial for the overall health. These habits also have a negative influence on fertility of as well men as women. They do not only affect your infertility but also the health of the unborn baby. Smoking, drinking or doing drugs may lead to miscarriages, low birth weight and premature birth.

Research shows that too much caffeine can also reduce your ability to get pregnant. So it may be wise to stop consuming caffeine containing products.

Tip on getting pregnant # 3: Healthy weight

This tip on getting pregnant includes that as well overweight as underweight lower the chances of getting pregnant. This can be measured with the Body Mass Index (BMI). A healthy weight is within a BMI of 20 and 30. When your BMI is lower or higher then this range it may lower your chances on getting pregnant.

Tip on getting pregnant # 4: Know when you ovulate

Approximately every 28 days a woman has her menstrual cycle. It is really important to understand this cycle as it will tell you when you have the highest chance to conceive. The first day of the cycle starts with the first day of your period. In general the ovulation will take place at the 14th day of your cycle and from that moment up till 72 hours you have your most fertile moment. Some women have a shorter or longer cycle so you have to find out how your cycle exactly works. You may use an ovulation prediction kit.

A change in your cervical mucus will tell you also when your ovulation takes place. Around your ovulation the mucus will become more thin and watery. Another sign is a one sided twinge of pain.

The moment your ovulation occurred you have the highest chance to get pregnant. Experts say to have intercourse every 48 hours around your ovulation in order to enhance your chances to conceive. Start 5 days before your ovulation starts. If you do it more often or your partner has sperm-count issues too much intercourse can diminish your chance to conceive.

Tip on getting pregnant # 5: Keep it fun

Some experts say that having fun and enjoying the intercourse will enhance your chances of getting pregnant. Try not to see it only as a getting pregnant thing. For sure it will make it easier to keep on trying when you have fun.

It will also keep the stress of not getting pregnant right away. Stress is another thing that lowers your chances to conceive. The moment you are relaxed and your mind is at ease your chances are better. There are a lot of ways to get rid of stress so find the way that suits you.

Tip on getting pregnant # 6: Think about your position during intercourse

Many experts state that the missionary position gives you the best chances to get pregnant. They say that positions with a deeper penetration bring the semen closer to the cervix so there is less travel distance. However research never confirmed this believes. Another thing to keep in mind is Gravity. Falling down is easier then climbing up. The same thing applies to traveling of sperm. The woman sitting on top or standing challenges gravity and therefore your chances of conceiving are less.

Make sure that the semen gets to the cervix so do not jump up right after the intercourse to go to the bathroom. Lay down on your back with a pillow under your ass for about 15 minutes. This will enhance the chance that the semen gets to your cervix and therefore also enhances the chances of getting pregnant.

As you can see there are a lot of relatively easy things you can do to enhance your chances of getting pregnant. We trust that these tips on getting pregnant will help you to realize your dream.