How to Speed Up Google Chrome

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One of the fastest browsers available online is Chrome. Although it performs well most of the times but sometimes it starts to malfunction suddenly. Many users have reported multiple errors related to this browser. A few of these problems are that Chrome runs slow, it crashes, Flash Player does not work properly with the browser and also that it redirects to some unwanted web sites. All these problems including how to speed up Google Chrome are intertwined and can be fixed through a unified approach.

As there are too many problems occurring in Chrome, the slow speed of the browser is easiest to fix. Normally tuning up internal Windows settings and removing the browsers junk result in improved browser speed.

If Google Chrome running slow in your computer then follow these tips:

1 > Clean Windows Registry

This technique will not only speed up Google Chrome but also fix most browser and computer errors resulting from the internal corruption in the Windows registry. The registry is a very important component and too much load in this area can make browser slow as well as cause it to crash or freeze frewuently. You should first of all do this thing in order to speed up the Chrome.

2 > Clean Chrome Junk

As we browse, there continuously accumulates browser junk which include internet history files, download history, cookies and temporary internet files. This junk data shall be removed daily to enjoy faster browsing. Although you can use the Chrome’s internal option to remove this data but it is wise to use an external application such as a computer optimization software. Such a software can not only clean Chrome’s junk in a faster way but also fix the registry errors.

3 > Delete Excessive Add-ons

The add-ons also called extensions in Google Chrome are quite useful. However, some of these extensions are notorious and can make Chrome slow. Not only this some of the extensions are also found to be behind the freezing and crashing issues with this browser.

It is wise to delete those add-ons which are not frequently used. This, in addition to cleaning registry and browser junk, can easily speed up Google Chrome.

4 > Clean Windows Junk Files

There is also a huge junk files data that gathers inside the Windows. This data can slow down your web browser. It is a good habit to regularly remove this data from time to time through some good PC optimization tool.

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