Wholesale Party Favors

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Many hosts consider the gifting of party favors as an ideal gesture to convey gratitude to guests attending events or parties. Irrespective of the nature of celebration such as a wedding, anniversary, birthday, holiday affair, baby shower, or a corporate get-together, there is always a party favor that suits the occasion. Many companies manufacture items that are meant for usage as party favors, such as candle holders, cake toppers, bags, pens, watches and cookies. They also offer wholesale rates on party favors to retailers who purchase them in large quantities.

Party favors are available in varying styles and budgets and to match the theme of different occasions. While birthday party favors may include mini candy gumball machines, poodle coin purses, cartoon character watches or friendship bands; anniversary party favors include items such as picture frame or purses. There are many branded as well as local companies that manufacture articles such as the above and offer discount rates on bulk purchases.

Party favors at wholesale prices are available in items that compliment different theme parties such as cartoons, Hawaiian, sports, princess and dress-up, pirate or a candle party. There are certain companies that provide wholesale rates on party favor products to charities and corporations as a social gesture.

Many items that are ideal for gifting are available at wholesale rates on the Internet. Online stores can be contacted through e-mail to inquire about the wholesale prices they offer. Most online stores offer wholesale prices on a certain minimum number of order or as special promotional deals. They generally request a shipment period, depending on the stock on hand. Most customers find it convenient and very economical to order party favors over the Internet. With most stores having online catalogs that list all the articles available with pictures and prices against each, the process of choosing the right party favor has become simplified.

For individuals and companies that host frequent parties, organizing customized party favors could be a major expense as most gift articles are exorbitantly priced. Therefore, it becomes imperative to look for pricing benefits while purchasing party favors. Many gift stores and online stores provide discounted wholesale rates during celebrations such as New Year or Christmas.