Honda Portable Generators

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If mother Russia chooses this year to drop atom bomb on us, there is nothing to worry about. Provided, of course, you have one or two Honda portable generators up and running in the basement. If you are camping somewhere out there you are dead anyway…

Over years of continuous development Honda portable generators were optimized to almost perfection for power output, size, noise, fuel consumption and who knows what other things, while remaining affordable to the average home owner.

Honda portable generators are indeed affordable but way overpriced considering the fact that you can get a portable generator with roughly the same performance for sometimes as low as half the price. Just forget the brand name and stick to the Honda engine.

Gasoline generators are the cheapest among fossil-powered generators but require quite a lot of maintenance. At least half of the malfunctions happen due to engine failure. Especially the carburetor and fuel filter need a great deal of attention.

With Honda portable generators you would not have to worry about missing the Tonight Show in the nuclear twilight. Honda engines are designed to be durable and reliable while running on regular unleaded gasoline with a quiet, fuel-efficient and smoke-free manner.

The first thing you need to do before choosing between different Honda portable generators is to compare the total power consumption of individual appliances with the power supply output of the generator. The generator’s wattage output should meet or exceed the above defined “constant wattage.”

In order to start up all the devices that contain electric motors (which may require up to three times their normal wattage at start up) you need to calculate with an extra output as well. The “start-up wattage” is defined by the surge rating of the generator.

The next thing to ponder about is the voltage ratings of the generator and the appliances you want to operate. If you own larger electrical appliances that are rated at 240 volts be sure to choose a dual-voltage generator. Most Honda portable generators with a power output of 3000 W or above should meet this requirement by default. Not all Honda portable generators come with different outlet types (e.g. 120V duplex, 120V/240V twist, 240V twist).

There are different grades of portability. As for minimal requirement, make sure that your generator is housed in a tubular frame durable enough to protect from accidental damage that might happen during transportation.