Plettenberg Bay – Home of Unforgettable, Unspoiled Natural Beauty

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Once you have set eyes on the spectacular beauty of Plettenberg Bay, you will certainly never forget it. The breathtaking beauty is nothing short of astonishing, set against a majestic backdrop of spectacular mountains that span from one horizon to the next. The actual town is nestled against one side of the bay, against deep rich forests and separated from the indigo blue of the Indian Ocean by never ending stretches of sandy white beaches. You may just feel as though you have stepped into a postcard.

Plettenberg Bay is truly a paradise for tourists with weather that is continually warm and pleasant. In the waters of the bay you will be able to discover a rich marine life. As the warm and cold waters of the currents of the Indian Ocean blend, a biodiversity that is unparalleled is created. The Bay is home to a wide array of common dolphins, which happen to be quite playful, as well as the endangered Bottle-nosed dolphins and even some rather shy Humpback dolphins as well. In addition, local residents include Byrde’s whales and Orca whales. Southern Right whales can also be found splashing in the bay as well. In fact, the biodiversity of the bay is so rich that it is literally the only place in the entire world where the rare Tropical Beaked whale has been witnessed.

There are a number of elevated lookout points that offer fabulous whale watching opportunities as well as many marine safaris and boat whale watching tours. For an even more personal encounter with these gentle giants, consider enjoying the opportunity for fabulous scuba diving or taking a guided snorkeling trail.

You will also find there are many different natural wonders here as well, including more than a doze public and private nature reserves. The spectacular flora and fauna which stretches through the reserves are like no other anywhere in the world and are just waiting to be explored. The Robberg Nature reserve somewhat dominates the bay, offering panoramic views, fabulous birding, excellent dolphin and whale watching and three great hiking routes. The Nelson Bay Cave is also located nearby. It is in this archaeological site that evidence of human residence dates back more than 120,000 years has been discovered.

If you are after big adventure, you may wish to join a guided hike or drive that will take you through the Buffalo Hills Private Game Reserve where you just may have the opportunity to spot wildebeest, buffalo, white rhino, giraffe and many other animals in addition to a wide array of different species of birds.

At the Touch a Monkey’s Heart Foundation, you can learn more about incredible lemurs, gibbons, monkeys and other primates. You can also view and learn more about the African elephant at the Knysna Elephant Park, a controlled and free range environment that is home to rescued African elephants.

The unspoiled forests, lagoons, sand dunes, wetlands and sun drenched beaches make Plettenberg Bay the perfect vacation destination if you are interested in relaxing and enjoying world famous natural beauty.

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