How To Remove Disk Doctor – Quickly Remove Disk Doctor From Your Computer

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What is Disk Doctor

It is a rogue computer optimization and defragmentation software. The design of this fake program is similar to that of a genuine optimization and defragmentation software, but it’s neither useful nor it is a real program. It should be mentioned that actually it took a name of a legitimate program so be careful in distinguishing between these software’s.

How Your Computer Gets Infected With This Fake Defragmenter Program

Disk Doctor infection is transferred to computers through Trojan viruses. This virus really gets around, infecting unsuspecting web user’s computer through free software downloads, misleading links and spam emails. Once active it starts computer scanning and displays numerous fake warning messages that state your computer is in critical condition and need to be cleaned with the paid version of the software. The rogue software detects many false issues and displays various critical errors messages on the computer. This is done in order to trick you into thinking your computer has a lot of critical issues. It will inform you about Windows errors, RAM memory problems and hard drive issues. Your computer will slow down, your legitimate security program will become deactivated and you’ll notice a bunch of pop-ups trying to scare you. It may disable regular software applications and will prevent users from accessing certain files. Keep in mind that Disk Doctor is a malicious software which pretends to be a genuine one. Never trust it and never install it on your computer. This fake software does not have any defragmentation function and should be remove immediately.

How To Remove Disk Doctor

It can be easily removed using a Spyware Removal Tool. Spyware Removal tool will scan your computer and will remove all the detected infections automatically. This method is very easy and safe method.

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