3D Computer Animation – Careers

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Just think, the characters of your favorite 3D animation films are the collective products of 3D artist’s long work hours in pursuit of the best feature to be produced. Animation studios both big and small employ creative artists with a broad background in art and design. This is why skilled artists possess the passion for animation. In Hollywood’s golden age, two dimensional cartoon episodes were drawn by hand. As advances in technology came along, the techniques employed in making animations have been fine tuned and as a result, 3D animated films being produced currently have become more realistic than their predecessors.

Multi -dimensional graphics are used in computer animation. In two-dimensional animation separate layers or frames are used to produce motion. In three-dimensional animation, the character is manipulated by moving points along a virtual skeleton within the model. If you want to become a successful animator in the 3D computer animation industry, then you need to focus on animation careers where opportunities for advancement exist. Animators today need to be technologically savvy.

The use of the newest technology and software to breathe life into the inanimate has become common practice in the industry because computers make animation production tasks easier. All hope is not lost if you are interested in animation, but are not blessed with talent or are tech savvy as there are educational opportunities that help people with their computer animation careers. 3D computer animation course offerings include the fundamentals of artistic design, drawing, graphic design, video design, cartooning and other basics of animations. If your desire is to become an animator, you should consider earning a degree in animation from an accredited college or other institution of higher learning. Several Art Institutions are offering courses that teach both technical skill and practical application. Schools offering certificate programs that involve shorter durations of study can be found online for many different fields of study including computer animation.

With all this opportunity, do not expect to become the next best animator overnight. A lot of practice and patience is needed to acquire the skills needed in animation. With a few years of practical application under your belt you will be well on your way to becoming a successful animator. Animation companies prefer to employ animators with good references from schools and from in the field. With enough skill and experience, you’ll be ready to conquer a career in 3D computer animation.