Free Paper Crafts

Paper is probably the most inexpensive art material that you can find, Not only is it affordable, it is can also be used in more ways than one. Old magazines and newspapers or even tattered gift wrappers can be recycled and used in making paper crafts. Here are free paper crafts ideas that you can do with your child:

Comic book card. Get your old comic books out of the box and choose a scene that you like. Cut the section out and put in on a piece of folded paper. It would be better if your paper is thick enough to pass off as a greeting card. Get an old envelope and destroy it to open it up, use the opened envelope as your guide to making a new one using a page of your old comic book. Now you have a personalized free paper crafts greeting card and an envelope to match it.

Puzzle. Get yourself a paper and draw on it. Make sure your drawing is colorful and completely covers your paper. After drawing and coloring your design, glue your paper to a piece of card board. Paint the top of your paper with glue to make for a shiny and strong finish. Leave your project to dry. When its dry, cut the card board in random shapes and get your child play with it and figure out how to put it back. Depending on your child's age, you can make this free paper craft as complicated as you want it to be. Cut it out in smaller pieces if you want it to be more difficult.

Lei making. You will need multi-colored tissue papers and a string. You can use a needle if you want to, a needle would make the task easier. Cut your tissue paper one square inch; make a visual plan on how you want the colors to look and the color combination that you think will work for this. Start with the color that you want by poking a hole in the middle of the tissue paper while inserting it to the string. Do this until you have completely covered the length that you want your lei to be. Remember that the first color you inserted will be beside the color you choose to insert in the end, so make sure that the colors complement one another. When done, make as many of this free paper craft as you like using the same technique. When you have done enough leis, you can gather your friends and have a luau. Aloha!

Enjoy these free paper crafts at home and make one of your own.