Find Cool Designs For Handmade Cards

It is easy to find designs for handmade cards by simply looking around you! Art, design, and media organization is everywhere. It's a matter of observing and translating what appeals to you into a crafty handmade card.

For the most part, advertisers and marketers make it easy to look for new designs that are contemporary and exciting. If you are looking for a more classical palate of colors and organization, then consider looking at art from a favorite era. Whatever your style, there are lots of ways to find new ideas for designs for handmade cards, here are some places where you can start:

* Magazines

Magazines are a great source for checking out new design layouts. Pay attention to where pictures and text are placed on page layouts and in interesting advertisements. You will find that some magazines overlap images and words or organize the information in new eye-catching ways. Also be on the lookout for new color schemes that are being used. Magazines are a great design resource because most magazines keep up with upcoming holidays and trends which make it easier for you to find fresh ideas for special occasion cards.

If you are looking for designs for particular handmade cards, such as a wedding card or a card for a sports fan, then go to your local bookstore and browse through the magazines that cater to a specific audience. Wedding magazines are sure to give you great handmade card ideas for a newly engaged couple or a sports magazine can give an idea of ​​what types of designs are appealing to those who love sports.

* Wrapping Paper / Tissue Paper

Wrapping paper and the trendy new patterned tissue papers can give you great ideas for designs for handmade cards! Wrapping paper has come a long way and with each season new patterns for birthdays, bridal showers, and love-themed paper find their way to the store shelves. Wrapping paper ranges from classic to contemporary and can give you great ideas regarding the use of iconic elements and repetitive patterns for specific holidays.

* Art

Designs for handmade cards is an art. So how about looking toward other types of art for design inspiration? Abstract art or minimalist art can definitely give you some ideas for unique greeting card designs that stand out. If you have a favorite artist, consider doing an image search so that you have a lot of eye candy to view for new card ideas. If you don't have a particular artist, then consider visiting local museums or even going online to find art galleries in your area that are hosting new art exhibits.

* Other Greeting Cards

This may be obvious, but if you happen to be near a card section of a bookstore or drugstore, simply take a few moments to browse their cards. You can get some great ideas from seeing what others have done. Going online and looking at different handmade greeting cards that someone else has made is also a good way to get new ideas.