Essential Home Bar Accessories

Home bars are made with the intention of avoiding loud environment of the professional bars. However, if you don't have the basic bar accessories, then the whole experience of drinks can convert into a messy affair. So, what are the bare minimum wine accessories that you must have in your bar.

Basic Wine Accessories: There are certain basic bar accessories that can be called bar starter set. These include corkscrews, measures and dispensers, pourer, large mugs, bottle coolers, ice buckets, straws and bar towels. Whether you serve beer, scotch or wine, you'll need them.

Basic Accessories for Cocktails: Since you have a bar, you must be able to serve your guests chilled cocktails. For sweet-tasting drinks you should have bar accessories that allow you to mix cocktails. Shaker tin, shaker glass, muddler, cocktail strainer, twisted mixing spoon, jigger measure, bottle pourer, bar knife and paper cocktail umbrellas are some of the accessories that you must buy for the purpose.

Wine Decanter: A decanter removes sediments from old wines and softens harsh tasting tannins present in some red wines. They also highlight the liquids natural colors. Decanters are essential to enhance the taste of wine, especially old ones. Decanting wine in a proper way is also essential for the best effect.

Wine Cooler: The temperature at which wine is served can make or mar its taste. Wine chiller can be set to keep different types of wines stored at the proper temperature for serving. Wine coolers are mostly required for white or sparkling wines. The sparkling wines and Champagne should be completely chilled before serving.