Computer Running Slow?

It is a common experience among the user of personal computers, or PCs, to find that the performance of their computer deteriorate over a period of time. Laments such as computer running slow, my pc is slow etc., prop up in informal meetings of these PC users. The primary reason for this development is not due to any fault on the part of the PC, but only due to the fault of the person using the personal computer.

The inability of the person to maintain the performance of the PC at 100% performance level is the real culprit for the computer running slow and not any manufacturing defects on the part of the PC or any other thing is the reason.

PC is being used for doing a number of activities such as browsing the internet, downloading software, audio and video files, emails and chatting, to name a few. Every time a software is downloaded or a music file is played through the Internet, a whole lot of cookies and virus creep into the hard disk of the PC without any knowledge about the same to the user. A periodic maintenance of the system is of utmost importance for maintaining the performance at peak level.

The files deleted from the system using the Delete key, while disappearing from the directories, appear on the recycle bin and in turn occupy the space. This is a safety measure provided so that files are not deleted by mistake, and an option is given to retrieve such files, which were deleted wrongly. After confirming that the files are no longer required, the recycle bin should be cleared at least twice or thrice a week. Or else, using the Shift+Delete key to delete the files can be resorted to, by which the files get deleted once for all from the system without getting stored in the recycle bin.

The fastest way to speed up a PC is to simply download a registry cleaner and run a scan. It will clear up errors and instantly speed up application loading and PC boot up times.